Adam “skinnyghost” Koebel
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I find myself seeking some assistance on the faction front, once more. I was hoping that my fellow SWN scholars might have some thoughts on FACTION FRACTURE . So we have rules for merging Factions but what about when a hegemon just needs to break into smaller pieces? How do we divide those bits, what happens to the stats, etc?

Has anyone had any thoughts on what that might look like in the Faction material of SWN?

I'm thinking there's likely a divide between an amicable split and an unfriendly one, and that since we're looking at an abstraction set (the stats, HP, FacCreds, etc) that any fracturing might cause some damage to one or all of those things.

I'm going to try and draft a ruling for this by the end of the month and I'd love to start with any feedback that +Kevin Crawford has on the matter?

Andrew Mclaren

Okay I know I'm not a SWN expert, having only gotten into the rules in the last month. Nevertheless, here's how I'd do it.

Suppose a faction X splits into two new factions A and B. A and B take turns choosing one of the options below each turn:
1) Steal 1 Force from X
2) Steal 1 Cunning from X
3) Steal 1 Wealth from X
4) Steal 1 Asset from X (must have pre-requisite Force / Cunning / Wealth)

At the end, the new faction MUST have a minimum of 1 Force, Cunning and Wealth, or else it collapses. (Therefore a faction with a stat of 1 cannot split - one of the new factions will not survive).

It also means that some high-stat Assets may be lost because neither faction may wind up with the pre-requisite stat to keep it. It's nice because in each turn, each side has an interesting decision, "Do I want that asset, or do I want to deny the other faction an extra stat point?".

Personally, I don't see a mechanical difference between amicable and unfriendly splits in this method, except that the choices each faction makes may be less competitive and more by agreement. For example, an unfriendly split may have one faction choose to Steal an stat simply to deny the other faction an asset (i.e. it is preferable for the asset to be lost than to go to the "enemy" faction).

Kevin Crawford

I think a lot depends on what kind of experience you want to get out of the split. Does a faction want to spin off a subsidiary with minimal drama and just focus on what they do after that? Or is it more a matter of a disaffected band of rebels trying to pull away, and you want to milk the drama of the civil war? Different goals will recommend different methods.

Off the top of my head for the former, I'd just drop Force, Cunning, and Wealth by one point to represent the losses involved in splitting and let them amicably decide how to split the resulting scores between the two. If no points are split into a stat, such as with a score of 2 that is not divided, the minimum of 1 is assigned to the child faction's stat. Assets are divided the same way. Assets that can't be supported by a faction's new scores are still retained due to institutional knowledge, but they can't buy new ones.

For the latter, I'd count heads to see how many people want to splinter off. They get a free Base of Influence on a new homeworld that makes sense. Then I'd figure out the total XP values of each faction stat, split the totals up by loyalist/rebel percentages, and assign a proportion of the stat XP to each side. Then each side secretly "bids" a number of XP from the respective stats to "buy" the Assets that are to be divided- thus, the rebels might bid 4 Force XP to buy the Strike Fleet asset, while the loyalists might bid 5. The winner loses the XP and gets the Asset; the loser just loses the XP. Assets with no bids are assigned by a coin flip. As with an amicable split, a faction can keep existing Assets that their stats can no longer support due to institutional knowledge. Once all bidded XP are subtracted, the remaining XP is used to assign the loyalist and rebel factions' new stats.

As is implicit from the method, an amicable split will weaken the faction, with the bigger the faction, the more painful it is to split. A hostile split has the potential to absolutely gut the faction's stats if both sides bid hard, but they'll still have all their toys with which to express their unhappiness at each other.

Colin Flanigan

"On Caladan we ruled by sea and air power," the Duke said. "Here, we must scramble for desert power. What is to become of you if anything happens to me? You'll not be a renegade house, but a guerrilla House-running, hunted." Dune

I think this reminds me of Dune where there are Renegade Houses and even guerrilla houses. The problem is how much damage will this do to either group. An answer to save one or both can be from using the Repair Asset/Faction Action pg 215

Repair Asset/Faction: Heal damage to an asset or faction. For one FacCred, an asset heals points of damage equal to the faction’s score in its ruling attribute. More damage can be healed in this single action, but the cost of repair increases by one FacCred for each further amount repaired- two FacCreds for the second amount healed, three FacCreds for the third amount healed, et cetera.