Carl Pellegrini
▶ Godbound

A quick campaign idea.

The World ended. Now all that exists are motes of earth floating in an infinite starry cloud filled sky with nothing below or above.

Life survived the destruction, having luckily huddled around one of those few pieces of land which had managed to survive. Animals, plants, humans and other. Basic and barbaric and with nothing more then the barest scraps of civilization.

In this destroyed remnant of What Was certain people found themselves imbued with power. At least this granted them access to the old arts of magic. At greater it involved tapping into forces mortals weren't meant to touch. At best it meant being bound by the shards of divinity and becoming one of the Godbound.

The floating husks of land, the Motes, though varying in shape and environment all ha e one major point in common. Near there center lies an obelisk of power whose very presence is what enabled the land to survive the destruction.

Godbound can safely bond to an Obelisk, mortals who do risk corrupting there soul (tus becoming powerful enemies). Multiple Godbound can come together to bond obelisk, creating a Pantheon. Bonding to an obelisk grants naturally forming shards.

Somehow the Godbound find the ability to travel between Motes. There they have to face the surving creatures, many of whom are hostile, in order to make it to the Obelisk at its center. Once attuned to the mote becomes theirs, pacifying the non Word based beings and granting them the authority to manipulate it.

Also present are beings whose natures in the World That Was was similar to angels.

Where the pantheon goes, what motes they visit, how they lead there survivors are all up to them.


Jay Wyatt

I dig it. Post apocalyptic fantasy. Godbound could rebuild the world somehow or maintain what's left.