Carl Pellegrini
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So I recently watched Altered Carbon which made me think of Eclipse Phase and Transhuman Space.

Anyway all this led m e to the idea of a transhuman earth society who developed FTL that could not be used to transport biological matter only the inorganic. If that wasn't bad enough everywhere they traveled human probes only discovered ruin, wasteland, and destruction. Resources were present but everything that could make life possible or the world habitable was gone, clearly artificially.

Before humanity could panic they discovered on a planetoid in the Oort Cloud with some alien ruins. They also discovered many dead aliens. From studying the ruins they learned that the aliens had gone mad and decided that life and nature we horrible and so systematically wiped both from the galaxy. They didn't you Sol because they needed a base of operations. They died out before they could cleanse the Sol System.

I should add that by this time humanity had digital transference technology, which made use of whst was called the Helios Process to bod mind and soul together and upload it into the fabric of reality. The soul part, I should mention, made use of psychic technology and was why it was successful and safe.

I mention the above because it's learned that the aliens so used digital transference, except there version was purely material. Which was what drove them mad - their souls frayed.

I will say that automated FTL ships are sent to systems and then humans are uploaded to synth bodies in order to establish hands on building and research operations in the new area. Once a cloning facility is made then organic bodies are grown for people to sleeve into, as the organic is easier then the machine long term.

Here comes the thought of the setting. Humanity looked at the destruction chosen by the aliens and so choose the opposite - they would repair, heal, and seed life as far and wide as they could. This became the goal and drive of humanity, though it's no to say individual projects stopped or anything.

As for how they fix the damage to the fact I'm not sure, I just think this sounds like an interesting setting slash campaign idea. Which is why I wanted to share it.

Alistair Langsford

+Carl Pellegrini Thanks for sharing. I like this. Has spawned a lot of ideas just reading it. It reminds me of a collection of stories - The Chronicles of Morgaine - by CJ Cherryh. I’ve always wanted to run something along the lines of the Cherryh story, and I think your post has some nice extra details I could merge in with that. I like the touch that the FTL travel tech (however you implement it) has a flawed solution that doesn’t account for the soul and thus leads to ‘fraying’ and insanity. It could also be tweaked to explain why some ‘jump drive/FTL’ tech makes people sick, but not if they’re clones/replicants (which is I think something the old Bug Hunter game used). In fact you could get a good SF horror game out of this too.

Carl Pellegrini

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.

Looking up the book it's funny that it has time travel as that was an element I was thinking about going. Though in the end I decided not to.

Honestly, the whole needing to remember the soul is important to me as a setting tool. Especially in a world with metanormal abilities. If psionics exist then so does he soul and in such a case it matters.

Hence my Helios Process making use of psionics and tech to bridge the gap between mind and spirit in a way that does not harm but benefits both. It also leads to the whole why on the aliens going mad.

The whole dangerous to biology nature of FTL meant another way to travel was needed. Thankfully humanity had transmission technology.

Though I don't want horror to be up front and center I do agree that there needs to be some sort of danger, some form of threat. I figure remnants and horrors of the aliens could be one element. On the human side I'm still not sure - maybe a faction who decided to worship the aliens, or another that doesn't see it as our purpose to cleanse. Or maybe people who underwent a fake or variant Helios Process who became wrong somehow. Or people who tried going at FTL and came out damaged. Hmm

I also have to figure out, a nd ideas are welcome, how humanity is going to fix the damage the aliens caused and heal and heal worlds.

Alistair Langsford

Another thought: perhaps the whole bonding of body and mind and soul has been discovered already long ago by various mystic paths and religions. And not all the stuff about astral travel or travel in dreamlands and so on is wrong or illusory or imaginative stories. Some of it is real. And perhaps some involved real travel to other worlds. So perhaps on another world you have a more extant civilization with links/signs pointing to old earth civilizations as a ‘mcguffin’. And maybe in some almost forgotten cult temple on earth you’ll find an old sect that preserves the secret of healing ‘travel sickness’.

Just some ideas that came to me. Bit disorganized. Hope its of help.