Daniel O'Hare
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Campaign Session Report: A.K.A. "Law & Order, Space Victims Unit"

In a previous session, one of the players got into a scuffle with some gang thugs in a back alley, which resulted in shots being fired and a civilian (the thug) being shot dead. The party then fled both the law and the gang and left the planet. After debates in the ship, it was decided that the offending character return and turns themselves in citing War PTSD and insanity (the character was a disgraced war-vet) they could use this as a means to also get the soldiers old commander dragged into a war crime tribunal. As a sign of solidarity, the Ship's captain(another player) turns himself in too.

They returned and found the best lawyer on the planet, the Legal Ice-Queen Maria Middlemarch. Who agreed to their case. The court case would begin in a week.

The Captain spends the time teaching several NPC tag-a-longs how to manage the ship while they are gone. (they had rescued a group of psychics on a mission recently, and they were still tagging along)

The party was stuck with a member of a local security firm who was tasked with watching over them in case A)a gang attack, or B)the character tries to leave the planet.

The war-vet was not happy with how green this security guard was, and ribbed him to the point there was a boxing match in the ship's gym. The security guard went for a respectable number of rounds, but lost.

Also during this week, an un-marked ship comes and requests to dock with the player's ship. (Their lawyer had told them about this guest) A man in civilian clothes but the bearing of a soldier has a private conversation with the war-vet (getting his testomony on the war crimes his old commander had done)

Another player was quietly freaking out during this time because he knew this man was from "Metrics" a department of the New Empire Armada who function as secret police, and Metrics only show up when the higher-ups decide they need to step in directly.

the week passes and the trial begins. The other side wants life in prison, mandatory registration to organ donor programs, and damages paid to family of the dead thugs.

Ms. Middlemarch's expert lawyering prevails and the player gets: Two months in prison, and a light travel ban. When the ship's captain asks about payment, she only asks for a small clerical surcharge, stating that someone else had footed the bill. (It turns out the man from Metrics, did this as thanks for the war crime testimory)

The players (both the war-vet and the Captain) are processed and locked up. The session ends, with the two players learning that there is a gang member in prison with them that wants to kill them in their sleep.

for the next few sessions, they will have to survive, and the other players will be other prisoner NPCs and/or Guard NPCs.