Mason Munden
▶ Godbound

Further questions on the Word of Sorcery. +Kevin Crawford, I'm tagging you if you wish to answer, though please know that I'm not demanding a response. As always, I appreciate and respect your time.

Once more, I probe the boundaries of the system and find doubt in my own rulings, questioning that which I've thought to be factual and eligible in fair-play. Today, I'd like to request assistance in discerning the boundary of the abilities offered by the Word of Sorcery, in Godbound.

Outside of Theurgy and Gifts, Sorcery seems like it may not offer much. A Word typically has four major components of what it can do: Miracles, Explicit Gifts, Dominion Changes, and Artifact Creation. Sorcery trades its capability to perform Miracles to perform several discrete, but extremely widely-applicable abilities in the form of Theurgies. It can, as well, satisfy the requirements for other general gifts.

My questions:

• What kind of dominion changes can Sorcery stand as justification for? Can it justify ambiguous 'theurgic experiments' that could alter a populous? I understand that it can be used to teach a group a lesser magic tradition, but can it transmogrify them into other forms?

• Should dominion changes require the Sorcery Godbound know a theurgic invocation which accomplishes a similar effect, or would obtaining pertinent 'arcane knowledge' or study on the subject be sufficient justification?

• What kinds of artifacts can Sorcery create? Certainly its artifacts could interact with all manners of magic, but could it be used to create artifacts such as weapons or armor that empower a Godbound to strength? Like an Artifact version of a Belt of Cloud Giant's Strength? Would this be permissible, or strictly impermissible?
○ Would creating such artifacts be permissible with 'arcane knowledge' obtained for the making of such a thing? Could it be done through self-study?

• Can you infuse theurgy into artifacts? How would that look?

Kevin Crawford

1) Only about magic-qua-magic. Making magicians, changing the function of low magic in an area, making new low magic traditions, and so forth. If the change has to do with an effect that isn't fundamentally about magic and how it works, it needs another Word.

2) No. If it's within the scope of 1) above, the Word alone is enough.

3) Not by default. If you want an artifact to do what a particular invocation does, just calibrate it to the appropriate level of gift.

Moritz Lohmann

• Can you infuse theurgy into artifacts? How would that look?

There are some artifacts that have innvocation like things. The costs seem to be as their base gifts, lesser gift = gate, greater gift = way, greater gift = throne. but you need a lot of Effort to cast it without much time, or at least "The Excellent Pause".