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Some random bit of fluff I found while cleaning more of my GM notes (both physical and digital), which was written before the magic book of Red Tide (Crimson Pandect) expanded a bit on the magic and the divine stuff. Drawing upon Hinduism and Buddhism (as I tend to do, since there's so much good stuff in there not used enough by tabletop RPG) I had a bit more fluff related to the 'Outsiders'/Spirits of the setting. So feel free to steal the idea or tell me how wrong it was:
-The Celestial 'Tulpa' of the Gods (and the God themselves) are classified in two categories. The Daeva/Ten/Tenbu/Celestials and the Asura/Ashura/Devil. The gods follow the 'Path of Enlightenment'. You know, clarity of mind, wisdom, meditation all the jazz.
-The Skandr Gods are unique in that they are considered Asura (a reference to the often debate Asura-Aesir theory) and follow the 'Path of Passion': physical (and to a lesser extent, mental) prowess, power, passion and merriment.
-The evil spirits of the monstrous kind, including those which turn people into Ogres are Rakshasa.
-The fey and nature spirits map up to the Yaksha.
Of course, a lot of these ideas only really find credence among the Imperials and Kueh. Eirengarder would no doubt deem this entire concept sacrilegious.