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I've begun to work on expanding the setting of the Three Lands for my SOTD campaign. I call the world Eya, and the Three Lands are on the continent of Sah (named after Sahel/Sahara's 3 common letters).

I was a little disappointed by the lack of non-human character options in Spears of the Dawn so I added a few: the merfolk (west Africa has at least 2 mermaid-like mythological creatures so it fits), the fairy-like Aziza from Dahomey legend, the Shapeshifter inspired by African myths about human-animal shapeshifters like the were-lion story, and the Giantborn (humans whose family has dormant Giantish ancestry that resurfaces in them, creating larger and stronger humanoids). Deshur seems to have a bit of ancient Egyptian inspiration so I also added the Godtouched as a rare race: formerly human, they or their ancestors were blessed or affected by the Namuran (definitely not Egyptian) gods and they have the same beast head/human body features.

The races I created, as well as my own rules for converting the Dungeons and Dragons classes to the setting, are in this document. Ignore the last page which is just for my players:


I have also added new nations and geographical features. North of the Mountains of the Sun is a region known as the Line, from the shape of its border with the Three Lands. It has five more nation sized regions. From west to east:
- The coastal Luran Empire
- The young but advanced Reko Empire
- The four smaller kingdoms of Suyo, known for their horseriders (including Centaurs)
- The ancient and powerful Obea Empire
- The 7 Frona Kingdoms, each ruled from a city built on the divine site of one of the Seven Gods.

To the east of the Weeping Mountains lies the long-lived Sarleh Empire (based on 15th Century Abyssinia AKA Ethiopia). South of Lokossa is the horrible land from which the Night Men came. But they are not the only monsters there, with the Adze vampires and the human-eating utuchekulu dwarves being a common threat as well.

To the west of these Horrorlands is the Equitorial Archipelago, tropical islands that serve as a trade hub for the western coast of Sah, and to the east are the three kingdoms of the Grand Triumvirate, simultaneously allied and competitive: Ara, human-led but home to many azizas, Sere, the oldest of the three, and the Domain of the Ebony City, the capital of which is known for its mighty wall.

Aktugia, southeast of Meru, is said to be the nation of origin of the Shapeshifters, a theory supported by the unusually large population of them. And finally, the kingdom of Gelerrsik, land of the Rom giants, is in a civil war between two royal clans.

I should probably give a brief overview of the other races in my document:
- Centaurs with horse, zebra, and donkey bodies
- The Rimalese, who inhabit the desert of the North and the Ezequan subcontinent, a gray-skinned and resilient humanoid people adapted to warm deserts.
- The Wakyambi are tailed humanoids who originate from the Spirit World, and emigrated to Eya in ancient times (wakyambi come from Congolese tales)
- Cyclopes, and the quick, clever Unthlatu (from Zulu folklore) serpentfolk are the least common playable races due to the distance of their homelands.

Alright I think that's enough. I'll probably come back sometime in the next month to tell you more. And if anyone is doing an SOTD campaign, feel free to steal all of my ideas! (just don't take credit for them :P)

Andrew Mclaren

This sounds great, I'm going to be researching some of the things you mentioned. I am also running SOTD setting at the moment, but I'm using Shadow of the Demon Lord as the system whereas you are using D&D.

I recommend looking at the Kingdom rules in SOTD (pg 99-103). I kicked off my campaign with these and it was an immediate hit with the players. Also a great way to interactively "teach" the setting to unfamiliar players. They look forward to downtime so we can advance time a few weeks and play some turns of the Kingdom game. The events of the game then spark ideas for plot hooks for their PCs to pursue.

Darth Kwame

+Andrew Mclaren Thanks!