Rebecca Ashling
▶ Godbound

Does psychic or maɡical ability in the SWONverse have a ɡenetic component? Are they hereditary traits?

Brennan OBrien

Little bacteria float around in their blood and..... never mind.

Josh Peters

+Brennan OBrien no no, keep going. The results of this musing might be less Jar-Jarring than originally anticipated. 😭

Aaron Stockser

+Rebecca Ashling To answer your question there is only speculation (typical KC giving you something to run with but allowing for you to tailor it to your own preferences!) but exposure to the forces of the Warp seem to have changed people. It's believed there can be genetic/hereditary factors but no one knows for sure. It allows the best of both worlds as you can play a first-generation awakened or a hereditary scion and have it work.

Bob Something

+Brennan OBrien Midichlorians aren't as stupid as people think. Unfortunately I can't say they were exactly a well-handled or well-introduced setting detail. Tying magical abilities to microbial life isn't quite as odd as it sound: if 'magic' can exist in macro life forms (dragons, elves, humans) when couldn't magical forces exist in microbial life? Don't we have all sort of bacteria in our gut for useful purposes?

If you think about it this way it's not as silly as it appears but I can understand why people are sour about that silly retcon.