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Concerning the gift Boreal Spike from the Word of Sky:

Commit Effort for the scene. Bring down the icy chill of the heavens
on a point within sight. [Every chosen target within 200 feet is frozen
for a number of points of damage equal to your level.] Against Mobs,
the spike does 1d10 damage straight for every two character levels
of the hero, rounded up. Liquids in range are frozen solid up to 200
feet deep and all normal fires are extinguished.

Emphasis in brackets. Does this mean it deals straight damage to single targets in an amount equal to your level, or does it apply to the damage chart?

Jacob Tydings

I believe it's just straight, as with comparing it to the table at 10th level, it'd only be 4 damage, and that's terrible for a Greater Smite

Marshall Brengle


Moritz Lohmann

It works in two ways one is for Mob-Targets and one is for all other targets in that area of frozen doom. Mobs get always straight damage, so it isn't a surprise. Other targets get (Level) damage (1-10 points), and it is a greater gift with (smite) action. Peanuts in comparison to other combat gifts. And as GM you could rule targets immune or better equipped to cold damage can Save or get half damage or something like that...