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I'm running a Viking themed Godbound game and am left thinking that most combinations of 3 words seem to miss out a certain something about the Æsir... I am planning to introduce a free word to all my players. May I present, for review, the Word of the Æsir:

The Word of Æsir covers all those who now call Asgard home. The a great doom of Ragnarök is fated to befall the Gods one day, but until that day the Æsir will continue to prepare for this day, and enjoy themselves.

Even the Æsir who devote themselves to more ‘peaceful’ arts are all able warriors in their own right. Come Ragnarök all are expected to march out, weapon in hand, and hold thier own whilst meeting their fate.

Whilst the Vanir were once a separate tribe of Gods, when the Vanir recognised Odin’s and the Æsir’s supremacy they for all purposes became members of the Æsir and are bound to same fate.

The Æsir are always ready for a fight, and are rightly famed for their physique, their Strength or Constitution is raised to 16, or 18 if it is already higher.

Lesser Gifts:

(Let us) Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow…. Action
Commit Effort for the Day. You imitate the great feast of Valhalla and the daily rebirth of Einherjar. So long as you have adequate food and drink such that each may have a bite of food, and have a mouth full to drink all Allies who so ‘feast’ heal 1D6 + Level in HP. The provisions however meagre, will allow eating and drinking though the night so long the available provisions meet the initial requirement.
The feasting is rejuvenating as rest, in the morrow all who feasted are as fresh as if they have had a full nights rest. Consequently the effort Committed for the Day is refreshed as normal, and may by available for use again at the end of the feast.

Nothing left to Fear Constant
To be Æsir to face to end. Having embraced the fate that will befall you and your fellows you have nothing left to fear. You have an Invincible Defence against Fear.
You can Commit Effort as an instant action to extend this immunity to all allies within 100’.

Endless Rampage Instant
Commit Effort to the end of the scene. You shrug off an otherwise successful attack or source of physical damage, which only serves to further fuel your wrath. In place of the usual damage you take 1D6 damage, rolled normally. On your next normal attack against the assailant you may roll twice to hit and damage and take the better result for each.

Prepared for a Fight Constant
Your body reflects the Æsir’s endless preparations for the fight that will come. You have an AC of 3 and your maximum hit points increase by 1 per level.

Fury of Asgard Constant
Any weapon you wield deals 1d10 damage and is treated as a magical weapon.
When brought to 0 Hit Points you may make a free normal attack against whomever would best you. If your attack hits the damage is read straight. Should this retributive strike slay a worthy foe you may take no more than 9 steps before succumbing to your injuries. The Retributive strike is resolved before the decision is made to enter Divine Fury

Unorthodox Steed Constant
The Lords of Asgard are famed for their unusual rides. You may summon your steed to you as needed. Whilst mounted move twice your normal movement rate, and outside of combat may fly at 100 mph.

Haven't thought of any greater gifts yet, and yes the bouns to 'Fury of Asgard' (other than it being constant) is rather wordy and specific, but more than one prominent member of the Æsir is destined to kill and be killed by an opposite number at Ragnarök.

So what do people think?

Reid San Filippo

I like it