Scott Maclure
▶ Scarlet Heroes

Hi +Kevin Crawford - minor frustration with printing Scarlet Heroes - if you print the PDF 2-sided, the page numbering is on the inside, near the spine, instead of on the outside.

If I had been more observant, I would have skipped the cover page and started from page 2.

What's the standard practice here? Drop the cover from the PDF and have as a separate download? Add a blank "spacing" page after the cover?

Kevin Crawford

If you print 2-sided from the PDF you'll get that issue because the PDF is formatted for one-page spreads rather than two-page spreads with rectos and versos arranged as they'd appear on the print version. While I haven't done it myself, I would assume you could get around this by not printing the cover, as it prevents the first book block page from being the recto it would be in the normal printed version.