2023 TTRPG plans

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2022 is coming to a close, let's list my TTRPG projects for 2023, by decreasing order of priority. Everything will, as usual, be published for free under Free Art Licence once cleaned up.

A three-referees-on-three-tables module for convention play, due in March for Histoire de Jouer 16. The idea is to have the three groups of players working together with limited means of interaction until the big finale. It'll be a planar adventure about saving the material plane, run with Coureurs d'Orages. Adventurers will communicate with other groups through artifacts, and jump from one group to another thanks to some magical shenanigans.

A 4-hours LARP set in Chicago in the 1920s, due in June. Service clubs and crime families trying to rebuild the city in their image, while uncovering the intrigue-heavy ties between their organizations. Around 40 players expected.

Rose des Sables, a short fantasy module for beginner referees and first-level characters sent to explore a strange facility built under a sand dune, populated with friendly roly-polies operating a power plant as a cargo cult. Jan Van Houten was nice enough to provide me with gorgeous illustrations for this module, here is one:

Roly-polies illustration by Jan Van Houten, distributed under LAL 1.3

#dungeon23, the 2023 challenge started by Sean McCoy of Mothership fame. I'll post more about it in another blog post in a few days, I'm going for an urban fantasy megadungeon laid below an underground car park.

∆v, a sci-fi TTRPG geared toward open-table convention play: players can sit down for 5 minutes (or 3 hours), leave whenever they want, and the adventure keeps going with a rolling cast of players and characters over the day. I have been playtesting it for years, explained it to other people who ran it successfully as well, it's a perfect introduction to TTRPGs for anyone that would be put-off by the idea of sitting for an hour or more at a game table.

Grands Exploits & Petites Mains, an FKR-inspired tongue-in-cheek fantasy game. Instead of playing the epic hero chosen by the prophecy, players take the role of their backstage crew: selling goodies, booking inns, managing the hero's public image, damage control… Each character has a single spell and a few descriptive traits, no numeric stats. Ran it four times so far, we had a blast.

I have other project on the backburner like Patchwork Manor and Cytoplasm, but do not expect to make any significant progress on them in 2023. If I can get through everything listed in this post, I'll already be pretty impressed with myself!